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At Sydney Gold Bullion Exchange, we trade in gold, silver, platinum and palladium – from bars and coins to granules and jewellery, and we offer competitive market prices.


Do you have fine jewellery you don’t like wearing anymore? We’re happy to take it off your hands for a fair and competitive price. We buy and sell jewellery Sydney-wide, and we will always give you the best price available.

Give us a call or request a call back now, so you can turn your carats into cash.


Yes, we sell gold jewellery, but we also love watches and fob watches. We can take brand new items you don’t like anymore, or those aged fob watches given to you a long time ago, especially from trusted brands such as Cartier, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Breitling.

You’ve found the best watches and gold buyers Sydney-wide. Feel free to give us a call.


Looking to sell gold coins? You came to the right place. We are the leading gold buyer in Sydney, always looking for an excellent trade for all ages and styles of gold coins, including sovereign.

So, make sure you give us a call if you’re selling gold jewellery, coins, precious stones and metals.


We are the prime destination for buying gold Sydney-wide. Whether it’s large quantities of gold scrap bulk or just a small quantity, we are happy to provide a quote. We aim to give you a better market price than any other gold buyer.

So, if you have any amount of broken gold, give us a call and turn your scrap into fast cash.


We love prospect gold! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got different sizes and shapes, or if you have gold nuggets or gold dust. We will help you get the best cash value for any genuine gold.

Give us a call or request a call back if you’re looking to sell gold Sydney-wide. We’ve got you covered.


Want to turn an old ring or wedding band into cash? Sell it to us! We are avid jewellery and gold buyers Sydney-wide, and fully committed to giving you the best trade price possible because we know that your rings and bands often retain more value than the stones in them.

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We understand that you want to get the best value when you sell gold and silver in bullion. This will have been a long-term investment, and it’s time for you to reap good rewards in cash. We are the leading gold buyers Sydney-wide, and we aim to give you the best market price you deserve for any gold investment you’ve made.

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We buy stand-alone diamond stones and diamond-studded jewellery Sydney-wide. We accept any size and shape, because it’s the stones themselves we admire. Let us take you through the process of turning your stunning diamond stones into a cash sum.

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In addition to being experts in buying and selling gold, we have also made a commitment to buy silver Sydney-wide. Whether it’s a new set of jewellery that doesn’t fit, or an old collection of silver which could be traded for cash, we’ll be happy to take it and offer a great price.

Give us a call today to arrange a quote.


Gold, silver, platinum, we’re experts in all precious metals and will be happy to take them and offer a competitive cash price. If you have any unwanted precious metals that you hope to sell, we guarantee the best cash quote you’ll find in Sydney. If you’re not sure whether you have platinum or white gold, we can help you identify your items.

Give us a call today to see what we have for you!

In addition to buying and selling bullion, we are also licensed second-hand jewellery dealers. If you have been holding onto jewellery that you no longer wear or like, we can provide an appraisal of your items. We will pay you for jewellery made from any and all precious metals, as well as diamonds and other precious stones.

Time and time again, our prices have shown to be the most competitive in Sydney – try our Live Gold Calculator to see how much your unwanted jewellery could be worth. And when you’re ready to sell, visit us in the store and get paid instantly.

I have been a customer for over 3 years. When I first started looking at precious metals investing I was a bit unsure of where to start so I appreciated that the staff took the time to explain the different metals I could invest in. R.W

Sydney Gold Bullion Exchange who I deal with repeatedly are very professional and knowledgeable! Prices, communication and service are always excellent. Would definitely recommend! Milijana Pejkic

Excellent service every time!! I have purchased and sold gold using this company for several years. I have every confidence in each and every transaction. This is due their professional, helpful, open and honest approach to doing business. J.P




Why Choose Us

Sydney Gold Bullion Exchange values trust, transparency, and a fair and competitive market price among our dealers and clients since 1980. These values have helped us become the leading bullion and gold buyers Sydney-wide and across Australia. This is the level of service we are committed to.

Whether you want to sell your gold instantly, have your precious metals appraised or check the latest, up-to-date market prices before anything else, we are your one stop destination for buying and selling gold and offer cash safely and securely.

Live Price

Before you trade your gold and silver, we provide live, accurate and up-to-the-minute pricing based on the current state of the market. This way, you know you’re getting the best price, accommodating trends affecting gold jewellery Sydney and market-wide. The gold and precious metal market presents a complex landscape, but we provide customers the chance to monitor the market in real-time in order to make informed decisions on when to buy and sell their precious metals.

Tangible Asset

Unlike other investments, gold is a timeless, classic and revered commodity which can be stored safely, or passed as a gift to loved ones. Since gold never corrodes, it holds sustainable and everlasting value, particularly for highly sought-after collectibles such as Perth Mint coins. We proudly provide the best and most competitive gold price in Sydney.

EST Since 1980

We are a trusted, family run business. With a strong foothold in the market for 40 years, we hold a wealth of experience in not only buying and selling gold and silver, but understanding the market, advising and consulting with our regular clients and providing the best customer care across Sydney NSW.

Instant Cash

Do you have unwanted gold or jewellery? We pay cash for unwanted bullion, second-hand gold and silver jewellery and will always quote the most fair, accurate and competitive prices based on current market value, captured up-to-the-minute. We strive to consistently offer a fair, transparent and accurate gold price AUD for customers.


With security being our highest priority for customers, you can buy and sell with the knowledge that all transactions are completed safely in our conveniently located Sydney, Australia premises. We can also offer appointments for peace of mind if you wish to visit us during a particular time at your convenience. Contact one of our friendly advisors.